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  Cornelius Kegs - Ball Lock
Converted Ball Lock Cornelius Style Keg - 2 Pack
Converted Ball Lock Cornelius Style Keg - 2 Pack

CornyKeg is pleased to be able to provide ball lock kegs. These kegs are converted Firestone pin lock Cornelius style kegs. The standard pin lock connections are replaced with the new CornyKeg ball lock conversion fittings. These posts are stainless steel and include our new stainless steel universal poppet. These posts accept all standard ball lock connectors.

Please note: There are two differences between our converted ball lock keg and a standard “Pepsi” style ball lock keg. Our converted kegs are 2” shorter and 1” larger in diameter and they have a static relief valve not the manual pull ring valve. Functionally they are exactly the same and accept all ball lock connections.

All Converted CornyKeg ball lock kegs have been washed, rinsed, pressure checked, all orings have been replaced and the pin lock fittings are replaced with the new CornyKeg ball lock fitting. offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the function of the corny keg you may return it for a full refund. Re-furbished CornyKeg Ball Lock Specs:

  • Height: 22 - 23"
  • Height With Ball Lock Connectors: 23- 24"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Diameter: 9"
  • Capacity: 5 gallon
  • Tank: Stainless Steel
  • Connection: Ball lock quick disconnect
  • Base/Top: Molded Rubber
  • Lid: Static Relief Valve or flat type /No Pull Ring

Your corny keg is shipped in its own box. We ship them UPS and the weight is approximately 25 lbs. The corny kegs are de-pressurized for shipment.

Item No. Item Amount Qty.
K-CBL2 Converted Ball Lock Cornelius Style Keg - 2 Pack $86.95

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